Best Transformer Rewinding Services in Pune

The transformer is one of the most vital components of a power supply.  However, if you have extensive construction expertise, you know that acquiring the proper transformer — one with the required voltage and current ratings — can be difficult and/or expensive. This is especially relevant if you want a voltage that is not “standard.”

The simplest and most cost-effective solution is to rewind a widely accessible or inexpensive transformer.

We provide our clients with superior and dependable Transformer Rewinding Services at market-leading costs in Pune. Our services are available in standard and bespoke configurations to satisfy the diverse industrial demands of our clients.

Thus, we provide the best Transformer Rewinding Services to our customers.

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Best Transformer Rewinding Services in Pune

Our technical teams offer a comprehensive array of rewinding services for your transformers, which may be done on virtually all types of transformers manufactured today. Rewinding of transformer HV and LV might be pricey, but if the transformer’s voltage or VA ratings are unknown or if a specific size is required, it may be the only viable alternative.

Additionally, rewinding of transformer HV and LV can be used for the following:

  • Replace worn or damaged windings.
  • Gain a higher rating.
  • Reduce losses.
  • Enhance impulse resistance and insulating system.
  • Modify the voltage ratios and taps.
  • In addition, we offer Transformer Rewinding Services for series reactors, dimmer stats, high-frequency water-cooled chokes, and high-frequency water-cooled spot-welding transformers, among others.

Transformer rewinding and repair operations need highly experienced design engineers. Our full-time engineering team specializes in transformer design and maintenance.

Depending on the extent of the transformer’s damage, it might take between 3 and 14 days to return a full rewind to service. Upon request, our team will give service for seven days a week. This gives a piece of mind when a transformer fails.

If a rewind is not feasible due to a major malfunction, we can work from drawings and winding parameters if necessary. This saves time and assures that your product is resistant to obsolescence. The Transformer Rewinding Services we provide will be absolutely hassle-free.

Industry Leader in Transformer Rewinding Services

We are one of the few businesses that provide transformer rewinding services. Our crew is qualified to handle both urgent and non-urgent transformer and power supply repairs.

We are available to assist with all transformer rewinds, regardless of brand or purpose. In addition to being able to rewind transformers, we can also reverse-engineer faulty transformers.

When it comes to providing Transformer Rewinding Services, our transformer team is one of the top technical teams in Pune.