Transformer Maintenance Services

Transformer Maintenance Services of power and Distribution Transformer

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Transformer Repairing & Rewinding

1. We Have Fabricated Shed Of 15000 Sq.Ft And Crane Capacity Of 50 Ton Are Available to carry out work with big And higher capacity transformers.
2. Experienced and skilled professionals are available for transformer repairing.
3.During emergency situations our team work day and night to provide transformer on time.

Transformer oil filtration machine 3KL
Transformer Oil Filtration & Maintenance

1.Transformer Oil Filtration ensures the proper operation of transformers. This service is required to purify used transformer oil absolutely clean.
2.Moisture gets added in the Oil because of that insulation resistance and dielectric strength gets reduced.
So Oil Filtration is necessary.

Transformer on Rent

1.Wide range of transformer available in different voltage ratio.
2.Well Maintained transformers are available on rent.
3.24/7 support is available if any emergency problem comes in any company.
4.Support team is always available for help.
5.Commissioning and erection is also done by the team.

Transformer Spares and AMC
All Transformer Spares & AMC

1.The annual maintenance contract refers to the preventive maintenance that we provide for our customers.
2.The A.M.C. plan entails periodic maintenance of equipment performed on a quarterly and yearly basis, respectively.
3.Our company also provides aftermarket service for all types of transformers, including unitized substations of any manufacturer.

O.L.T.C. Servicing, Circuit Breaker Servicing

1.Our skilled Team thoroughly assess the system to identify and replace any broken components with functional ones to provide repairing services.
2. We provide these Circuit Breaker Repairing services according to our valued clients specific requirements, making use of cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge machines.

transformer Testing on site
Transformer Testing, Relay Testing

1. The essential equipment and highly talented and skilled workforce facilities are readily available to us, and our employees have a combined total of several years of expertise in this field.
2.Transformer testing services are considered one of our most exclusive and top-quality services.
3.They assist in the periodic inspection and maintenance of transformers to ensure that they are in correct working orders.

transformer Testing on site
Transformer Leakage Arresting, Retrofitting

1.If Transformer is in leakage condition it can result in a costly problem down the road.
2.When it comes to mineral oil transformers, the sealing of the transformers is extremely important.
3. Prolonged heating and aging of the transformers can destroy gaskets, increasing the likelihood of leakage.

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Substation Maintenance

1.Substation maintenance is the process of performing a periodic, planned inspection of all switch gear, buildings, and ancillary equipment in a substation installed and, if require, repair or replace them.

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