Transformer Power Oil( IS – 335 Apar Grade )

Voltage Booster Type: Insulation Oil

Silica Gel ( Loose )

Silica gel is used in breather transformers for controlling the level of moisture and prevents it from entering the equipment.

Silica Gel Breather.

Usage/Application: Silica gel is used for the absorption of moisture in a transformer absence of which, the dielectric

L. V. / H. V. Rod.

Usage/Application: Transformer Fittings
Technique: Hot Rolled

L. V. / H. V. Bushing

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Epoxy Bushing

Usage/Application: Electric energy, Voltage controlling,Transformer lv/hv

Buchholz Relay

Usage: Protection to a transformer from the different faults happening like the Short circuit, inter-turn etc.


MOG is used to indicate the position of transformer insulating oil level in conservator of a transformer

W.T.I. & O.T.I

WTI indicates the winding temperature and OTI indicates the Oil temperature

Gasket, Oil Seal Packings

Gaskets are used wherever a union or flange is required to prevent leaking & most commonly used as static seals.

O.L.T.C. Spares

An OLTC consists of an open load tap changer, it is also known as an on-circuit tap changer (OCTC).

Bearing Plate

Bearing Plate assembly is an important mechanical part of OLTC.

Resistance set

Type: Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester
Load Way: Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester


Type: Counter Meter
Application: Electrically

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