Best Power and Distribution Transformer Services in Pune

Transformers are sometimes the neglected component of an electrical system due to their design, which consists of no true moving components, and the fact that they typically operate without incident. These units receive attention only when a severe problem emerges and a catastrophic breakdown is imminent.

To minimize potential issues, it is recommended to do yearly power and distribution transformer maintenance and to conduct rigorous testing no more than once every three years. Annual testing is an established best practice and the industry norm.

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Services for Power and Distribution Transformer

  • Tests, repairs, and replacements of protective equipment.
  • Power factor and capacitance testing for HV insulation (Doble testing).
  • Analysis of Frequency Response (Doble SFRA testing).
  • Ratio evaluation (TTR).
  • Insulation and winding testing.
  • Testing for Insulation Resistance.
  • Oil transformer gasket replacement and leak detection.
  • Oil transformer radiator replacements, repairs, and supplies.
  • Transformer Construction.
  • Oil transformer bushing replacement, supply, and maintenance.
  • On-line and off-line repair and maintenance of tap changers.
  • Witness factory and field testing.
  • Provide and install new oil and dry core transformers.
  • Oil sampling, analysis, and interpretation of results.
  • Vacuum filling.
  • Gas removal.
  • Particulate matter elimination.
  • Acidity adjustment
  • Moisture removal.
  • Retro fills.

Why do you need regular servicing ?

In the absence of regular testing, transformers face the risk of developing major and dangerous issues over time. Regular maintenance testing is recommended to prevent the occurrence of potential issues and permits remedies before a serious malfunction.

In addition to oil quality and DGA analysis, testing encompasses turns ratio, excitation, power factor, insulation resistance, and winding resistance.

Numerous faults discovered during power and distribution transformer testing may be fixed on-site by a competent field technician, whilst other, more severe defects need transformer shutdown. To maintain the highest level of safety, precautions must be taken, and only a skilled electrical professional should do all testing and repairs.

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