Vijay Electricals Corporation Infrastructure have several divisions that collaborate and supply the necessary services in a well-organized manner which includes:

License & Registration

Factory and crane
  • Factory area – 40,000 sq ft plot size, fabricated shed of 15000 sq ft
  • Crane Capacity 50 Ton
High tension coil winding machine

High Tension Coil Winding Machine

Low tension coil Winding machine

Low Tension Winding Machine

Transformer testing panel
Oil Filtration machine 10KL
Ultra-High vacuum double stage transformer oil filtration machine 10 KL – (1 NO).  
Transformer oil filtration machine 3KL
  • High vacuum single stage transformer oil filtration machine 3 KL – (3 NO)

Transformer Maintenance Services

  • Oil Filtration of all type of transformers.
  • EHV, H.T & L.T transformer overhauling at the site and transformer erection.
  • Transformer oil leakage attending and gasket replacement.
  • 6.6kV, 11kV, 22 kV, 33kV. switchyard maintenance and C.T. / PT. replacement.
  • HX, O.C.B, MOCB, VCB isolator switches, ACB of any type and make overhauling/repairing.
  • Power transformer O.L.T.C replacement / overhauling / repairing.
  • 2,4,6,8 pole structure G.O.D / D O / C.T / P.T overhauling, painting and transformer painting.
  • L.T, A.C.B, O.C.B of any type / make repairing/overhauling, L.T panels and L.T bus duct overhauling and cleaning.
  • Cable laying and L.T cable termination work.