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Vijay Electricals Corporation, situated in Pune, Maharashtra, is a renowned electrical contract service provider. We are leaders in transformer rental, repair, Oil Filtration & maintenance services to government and private sector organizations for over 40 years. Transformer helps in providing continuous power supply to large scale IT companies and other manufacturing projects We have a crew of highly skilled personnel who can perform any electrical-related operation, for power and Distribution transformers. We provide transformer on Rent which are make of Kirloskar, Voltamp and other reputed companies.  Vijay Electricals, has gradually expanded its service area to include various cities and major cities throughout India.

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Quality triumphs all at Vijay Electricals. Our functional excellence is a testimonial to Quality being at the core of our competent services and product provision. Since the organization’s inception, we have maintained the highest standards of consistent delivery to the satisfaction of our ever-growing customer base.


To achieve customer satisfaction, we believe in sharing as much as we can with our increasingly knowledgeable customers, who often tend to inquire regarding the equipment, accessories and ancillary products or service provision. Our personnel are always at your service to provide insights based on decades of experience in the transformer, power electricals and electrical engineering sector. While we take care to incorporate each aspect of the customer’s specific requirements, we also take pride in keeping the process transparent, so as to achieve cost efficiency and high functional value.

Transformer Maintenance Services

Transformer Repairing & Rewinding

1. We Have Fabricated Shed Of 15000Sq.Ft and Crane Capacity Of 50 Ton are available So that We Can Work With Big And Higher Capacity Transformers. 2.Experienced and skilled professionals are available for transformer repairing. 3. During emergency situations, our team work day and night to provide the transformer on time.

Transformer oil filtration 3KL machine
Transformer Oil Filtration & Maintenance

1. Transformer Oil Filtration ensures the proper operation of transformers. This service is required to purify used transformer oil absolutely clean. 2. Moisture gets added to the Oil because of that insulation resistance, and dielectric strength gets reduced. So, Oil Filtration is necessary.

Transformer on Rent

1. Wide range of transformers available on rent in different voltage ratios. 2. Well Maintained transformers are available for rent. 3.24/7 support is available if any emergency problem comes in any company. 4. Support team is always available for help. 5. Commissioning and erection are also done by the team.

Transformer Spares and AMC
All Transformer Spares & AMC

1. The annual maintenance contract refers to the preventive maintenance that we provide for our customers. 2. The A.M.C. plan entails periodic maintenance of equipment performed on a quarterly and yearly basis, respectively. 3. Our company also provides aftermarket service for all types of transformers, including unitized substations of any manufacturer.

OLTC Servicing and Circuit Breaker Servicing
O.L.T.C. Servicing, Circuit Breaker Servicing
Transformer Testing and Relay Testing
Transformer Testing, Relay Testing
transformer Testing on site
Transformer Leakage Arresting & RetroFitting
Substation Maintenance
Substation Maintenance

We are leaders in transformer Maintenance & service industry from the year 1980. Our transformer services include Repair rental, Oil Filtration and Maintenance Services, Hire Services of Transformers, Transformer Rental Service, Transformer Maintenance Services of Power & Distribution  Transformers.

We are here for all your transformers related requirements. Our services are reliable, time-saving and budget friendly.

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